Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote! Vote! Vote!

As a public library, part of our job is to provide the information that American citizens need to be able to make an informed choice at the polls.

On Nov. 7th you will be able to influence the future of this country by casting your vote.

You can look up your polling location by going to the Black Hawk County website. When you get there, click on the words "Real Estate Mapping." Look up your own address, and then in the left-hand window, scroll down to the bottom. You should see the words "Polling Location." Click on this link to find out what ward and district you live in, which State House and Senate districts you live in, and where you go to vote.

If you haven't yet decided who you want to vote for, the Waterloo Courier's Archives can be of assistance. Just type in the name of the candidate you want to find.

You may also want to visit Project VoteSmart and for more information on issues and candidates.

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