Saturday, November 18, 2006

Express Lane Checkouts!

A popular addition to the Waterloo Public Library's list of services is our two 3M 6210 Self-Checks. Since their installation several years ago the machines have absorbed as much as 70% of the library's circulation traffic.

The Self-Checks are easy to use, quick, and private. Their LCD screens provide illustrated step-by-step instructions. If the system is not able to complete a transaction--most commonly because of a fines or an expired card--you'll be directed to the Circulation Service Desk, only a few steps away.

Some patrons have expressed concern that the new machines are impersonal and may have displaced workers. In fact, no jobs were lost due to the Self-Checks' installation, and existing staff have used the extra time to support other services. In any case, if you want your check outs to be handled by a real person, step over the the Service Counter and we'll get you going!

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