Wednesday, November 08, 2006

E Audio Books at the WPL

Patrons of the Waterloo Public Library may take advantage of our subscription to NetLibrary's E-Audio books service. E-Audio books are in the form of mp3 files which may be downloaded using links found in the WPL's online catalog.

Copyrights on the E-Audio books are managed using Microsoft's DRM (Digital Rights Management) protocol. This means that books, which are mp3 files, must be played on a device that has Windows Media Player 9 or or better installed. Media player will not only allow the files to play, but will also allow you to transfer the file from your computer to an mp3 player. The DRM process will also disable the file after 3 weeks, though you may login and make a renewal.

For more information about the Waterloo Public Library's NetLibrary E-Audio books subscription, and how you may activate your account, visit the library or call 319 291 4480 for assistance.

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