Sunday, October 21, 2007

WPL Express Computer

Patrons who only want to print a resume or quickly check their email now have a new option: Express Computing.

The Express Computer may be used for up to 20 minutes each day. Patrons needing more than 20 minutes should either log on to a Public Access Computer using a library card at the signup station, or by persuading a librarian to fork over a temporary "guest" pass.

Once the Acceptable Use Policy has been "accepted" by the patron, the Internet browser will launch and will remain running for 20 minutes. The time will be counted down in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Warnings of an impending reboot will be given with 5 and then 2 minutes remaining. Closing the browser will result in a reboot the computer and all work not saved to an external medium (e.g., thumb drive), will be erased.

Patrons wishing to use an Office application should select "decline" at the Acceptable Use Policy page, then launch the desired application from the appropriate desktop shortcut. There is no timer on the Office applications, but staying on for more than 20 minutes may result in the session being manually terminated by staff. Patrons needing more time should avail themselves of the reservation system.

Printing: For either Internet or Office applications, send print jobs by selecting File Print and "ok". A few seconds after sending the job, a dialog box will request a name. Give the print job a descriptive name. Print jobs may then be retrieved by logging onto the print release station with "express".

Express computers are a novelty for the WPL staff and patrons. As time goes on, we'll probably learn from our mistakes and make changes accordingly. Meanwhile, give the new station a try and please report any problems by adding a comment to this blog.


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