Sunday, October 28, 2007

Second Floor Changes

Second floor patrons will see some major changes this afternoon. The stack mover fairies visited the library last night and rearranged our layout.

The periodicals are now over by the corner of West Park and Commercial. This isn't their final resting place, but will have to do for now.

Older periodicals are in the process of being moved to empty shelves over by the 700s. Again, this is a temporary location while we shift the rest of the collection.

The fancy tables and lamps have been moved to the east wall where they will sit until we have room to put them next to the windows. The periodicals and tables have displaced the teen area. However, as the non-fiction collection is shifted to the east of the stairwell, space for the teens will open up in the area now housing the 600s.

I realize that all of these changes are hard to follow, but when they are complete, the second floor will be a more pleasant and useful place for reading, browsing, using the computers, or taking classes. As always, contact a staff member if you have difficulty finding materials or have suggestions.

Thank-you for your patience.

c 2007 Waterloo Public Library

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