Thursday, July 17, 2008

WPL Training Center Ribbon Cutting

Waterloo Public Library Information Literacy Administrator, Kim Van Deest, cut the ribbon at this afternoon's Grand Opening of our new Training Center.

The Cedar Valley Ambassadors (the guys and gals in the blue suits) provided the ribbon, scissors, and about two dozen well-wishers.

Just prior to the ribbon cutting, Waterloo City council-person, Carolyn Cole, read a proclamation praising the new facility as well as all those involved in its conception and construction.

The Training Center, constructed with a grant from the Black Hawk County Gaming Commission and support from the City of Waterloo, seats 15 students and is equipped with a high resolution LCD projector controlled by a teacher station.

Classes are already scheduled for the new room; see the Waterloo Public Library website or call the library at 291 4480 for details.

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