Monday, July 14, 2008

New WiFi AP

Second floor WiFi users now have a second choice AP: "TrainingCenter." As you can see from the above screenshot of an XP Pro WiFi "network list," three different AP are revealed.

The first, "linksys," is the AP near the Reference Desk that has been PublicIP managed for several months. If you are one of the 107 registered users of linksys, you may log in normally.

However, we now have a second AP, "TrainingCenter," available. If you choose the TrainingCenter AP, you'll need to create another login or click the "skip" option.

Both APs are Linksys WAP54g devices. Neither is secure, both support 802.11b-g, and are set to allow duplex 10mbs of bandwidth. Available ports include 80 110 118 443 2304 3724 4445 4567 8009 8086 8087 8443 8900 9081 9090 9097 9100. We're not blocking filesharing applications.

The bottom AP, "dlink2," is a secure AP which you may ignore.

The additional WiFi AP will give us better coverage in the west end of the second floor. At some point, we'll be moving the linksys AP to a spot near the stairwell. This will improve coverage for the east end of the floor while relieving congestion at the Reference Desk.

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