Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adult AV on the Second Floor

Waterloo Public Library Adult Audio Visual optical disk materials moved to the second floor last week. Library assistants Amy, Carolyn, Eugene, and Tim dismantled the display units, transported them to the area west of the PACs, reassembled, and reshelved. Believe me: that's much easier said than done!

Now that the AV materials are upstairs, the downstairs has more room for new book displays. We'll soon be shifting our "large type" collection to the area that formerly housed the AV materials. That shift will result in room for a seating area in the southwest corner of the first floor.

With the tall ceilings, large windows, and a view of the courtyard's greenery, we'll have a great place to sit and read. I'll be posting more on that project as it progresses.

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