Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ID Required November 15, 2009!

Beginning November 15, 2009, library patrons wishing to use Public Access Computers will be required to have library cards!

Starting November 15, 2009, the Waterloo Public Library will require all users of Public Access Computers (PACs) to have valid library cards or be able to prove, with photo identification, that they are not residents of Iowa. Residents of Iowa who are not from the Waterloo Public Library service area may be given Open Access cards. Patrons with sufficient proof that they are NOT Iowa residents may be given visitor passes.

Authentication Rules:
  • No visitor passes for Iowa residents!
  • Non-residents must show photo ID!
  • Library cards may be obtained at any service desk.
  • Lost cards may be replaced for $2.
  • Fines will not prevent PAC access.
  • Patrons with photo ID may have library card number looked up 1 time.
  • Patrons without library cards or sufficient ID may obtain access to the Express Computer for one 20 minute session each day.
To avoid delays or loss of PAC access, get your library card today!

Patrons with questions or concerns should contact any staff member or Technical Systems Administrator, Mike Dargan: or 319 455 6722.

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