Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free Downloadable Movies!

Card holding patrons of the Waterloo Public Library have access to full length downloadable movies via our subscription to MyLibraryDV. Users may choose from several collections: Movies, documentaries, food, health, how-to, kids, literature, and travel.

My guess is that the theatrical movie collections, which include classics, foreign films, Hollywood Favorites, independent films, and Sony Pictures Entertainment, will be the most popular. However, those of you who like travelogues and cooking shows will find that MyLibraryDV is the place to go for video entertainment.

Viewing the movies requires the installation of a viewer and movie management utility, each of which is easily downloaded from the MyLibraryDV site. You then use the viewer to choose your movie which you must then checkout using your Waterloo Public Library card.

Currently, the most practical way to view a MyLibraryDV title is from home using a broadband connection. However, sometime later this winter, look for the library to establish a viewing station somewhere on the second floor. Stay tuned for details.

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