Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Public Access Computer Behavior

All patrons of the Waterloo Public Library are entitled to use library assets so long as their activities are not disruptive. Recently, we have seen some violations of our Public Access Computer Use Policy, which states that no more than two patrons may use a computer at any one time.

Library employees will be especially watchful for violations of this policy. When we observe more than two patrons at a computer, a warning will be given. If the behavior recurs, the session of the patron logged into the computer will be terminated.

If you are using a library computer and are bothered by groups of patrons gathering around a computer, and a staff member does not intervene, please ask for assistance at the desk. If you prefer to do so anonymously, use the "Library Help" utility on the upper-right hand portion of the Reference Department home-page. Ask for help, and if the virtual reference stations is active, you should get a quick response.

To report problems or make suggestions, please email me, Mike Dargan, at dargan@wplwloo.lib.ia.us.

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