Saturday, October 14, 2006

What's Spanish for "Blog"?

Late this afternoon, Waterloo Public Library (WPL)Diversity Coordinator, Claudia Ramirez, launched the library's first spanish language blog, La Biblioteca WPL. Ms. Ramirez's blog is RSS enabled: point your aggregator at and you're set for life.

Many WPL computer users also enjoy Instant Messaging (IM) but are stymied by the fact that the clients are not installed locally. This morning I ran across a web-based client that solves that problem: MEEBO. Login, create your account, and you have server-based access to four different IM services: AIM, Yahoo, Messenger, and Jabber/GTalk. When my sidekick, Kim V does her next round of upgrades, I'll ask her if we can install the Google Talk IM as well.

Are you weary of waiting in endless queues for Internet access? If so, consider visiting us on Saturday mornings. The picture above was taken around 11:00 a.m. and shows that we were pretty quiet.


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